Now Scientists found important neuron circuits that regulate alcohol consumption, Scientists know that a region of the brain called the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA) has a role in behavior related to alcohol consumption and consumption in general.

It is not known which brain cell populations and their projections to other brain regions that mediate this behavior.

The fact that these neurons promote reward-like behavior, that very low alcohol consumption activates these cells and that activation of these neurons stimulates drinking alcohol in animals without drinking much beforehand indicates that they may be important for initial alcohol consumption and appreciation,

Researchers used modern genetic and viral technology in male mice and found that exiting or eliminating NTS neurons in CeA while maintaining other types of CeA neurons resulted in animals drinking less alcohol.

If scientists stimulate this projection with a laser in half the crates of animals, animals will spend more time where stimulation will occur.

The animals also learned to do the task of combining laser stimulation, and this has done, showing that they find this stimulation useful.

Also, animals that stimulated with this projection will drink more alcohol than if they could drink alcohol without laser stimulation.

But, when animals offered normal and sugary food, laser stimulation does not increase consumption apart from rat starvation. This shows that different cycles can regulate the consumption of fluids and beneficial solids.

Researchers say,We also want to know the population of parachute neurons that receive input from these neurons. A thorough understanding of this scheme can be the key to developing therapeutic tools to help people with alcohol abuse.