Blue light might not damage our sleep patterns as predicted in the new research. According to a team that uses foggy, cooler and brighter night light, this can be better for our health.

Twilight to be darker and darker than daytime, and the body’s clock uses both functions to determine the right hours to sleep and wake up. Current technology to limit night exposure to blue light, e.g. For example, changing the screen color on a mobile device can send us mixed messages.

This is because of a slight change in brightness accompanied by a color that is more like that day. The mouse study uses designed lighting that allows teams to adjust colors without changing brightness.

This shows that the blue color has a smaller effect on the watch case mouse than the yellow which is bright. The results show that the team is very involved in lighting design and visual display, which offers a healthy model for sleep and alertness.

The body’s watch uses a special light-sensitive protein in the eye to measure brightness, called melanopsin. This protein makes it easy to detect photons with shorter wavelengths. But, our color perception based on retinal cone cells, and new research shows that the blue signal they provide reduces the effect of light on the watch.

We generally agree that blue light has the strongest effect on watches, even the blue color associated with dusk has a weaker effect than white or yellow light with the same brightness.

There is great interest in changing the effect of light on the watch by adjusting the luminance signal detected by melanopsin. But, the current approach usually does this by changing the ratio of short and long wavelengths. This causes a slight difference in brightness due to noticeable color changes.

The results show that the use of lights that are darker, cooler, night, and brighter, warmer during the day may be more beneficial. Research has shown that aligning our body clocks with our social and work hours can have a positive impact on our health. Using the right colors can help us achieve this better.