Developed a headband that measures electrolyte levels in sweat , Portable sensors that capture heartbeats or footprints are popular fitness products. However, in the future, treating good sweat can provide useful information about one’s health.

Researchers have now developed a headband that measures the amount of electrolytes in sweat. And unlike many previous sweat sensors, this device can be cured by cutting or scratching while exercising. Watch the sensor video in action here. headband that measures electrolyte levels in sweat.

Human sweat contains biochemical markers such as metabolites, electrolytes and heavy metals that indicate a person’s health and can even help diagnose certain diseases.

In recent years, scientists have developed sweat sensors in the form of spots, bandages and tattoos. However, its effectiveness can be impaired by natural movements such as walking, running, jumping or throwing. Often, if sensors are scratched or damaged, which can easily occur during training, they cannot be repaired.

To produce their own healing sensors, the researchers covered carbon fiber electrodes with citric acid-based polymers. When cutting, the fibers are quickly connected to the polymer by hydrogen bonds.

They sewed threads that could recognize potassium and sodium ions into their headbands and added wireless electronic cards that could be used to transfer data to smartphones.

A human volunteer wears a headband when practicing on a stationary motor, and the sensor accurately records the level of electrolytes in his sweat for 50 minutes.

While cycling, the researchers cut the sensor thread with scissors and the thread recovered and returned to normal operation in just 20 seconds.