Researchers now found the mysterious movement of water molecules, Water is a mysterious substance, and understanding its behavior at the atomic level remains a challenge for experimental physicists, because light hydrogen and oxygen atoms are difficult to monitor using conventional experimental methods.

This is especially true for researchers who want to examine the microscopic movements of individual water molecules that flow from the surface within a few seconds.

Together, researchers have made significant progress by studying the behavior of water in materials that are currently of particular concern: topological isolators called bismuth telluride. This connection can be used to build quantum computers. Water vapor will be one of the environmental factors that bismuth telluride-based applications might experience during operation. now found the mysterious movement of water molecules.

As part of their research, the team used a combination of a new experimental method called helium spin echo spectroscopy and theoretical calculations. Spin echo spectroscopy Helium uses many low-energy helium atoms to observe isolated water molecules without affecting their movement. Researchers have found that water molecules behave very differently from bismuth telluride compared to conventional metals.

In these metals, interesting interactions between water molecules can be observed, which leads to film-like accumulation. The opposite is the case with topological insulators: water molecules repel each other and remain isolated on the surface.

Bismuth telluride seems waterproof, which is advantageous for applications exposed to typical environmental conditions. Further experiments on similarly structured surfaces are planned to clarify whether the movement of water molecules is caused by the specificity of each surface.