Scientists break through the brain barrier to attack tumors, The brain is a kind of fortress, which is equipped with a barrier to protect dangerous pathogens.

However, protection must be paid for: these obstacles affect the immune system when faced with terrible threats such as glioblastoma, a fatal brain tumor that has only a few effective therapies. People think that the immune system can do very little to fight brain tumors. There is no way for patients with glioblastoma to benefit from immunotherapy.

While the brain itself has no direct method of removing cellular debris, the small vessels lining the inside of the skull collect debris and dispose of it through the lymphatic system of the body, which filters toxins and wastes from the body. The researchers used this exhaust system in a new study. These vessels are formed soon after birth and are partly stimulated by a gene known as vascular endothelial growth factor C or VEGF-C, Now the Scientists break through the brain barrier to attack tumors.

The team inserted VEGF C into rat cerebrospinal fluid with glioblastoma and observed an increase in T cell responses to tumors in the brain.

In combination with an immune system checkpoint inhibitor, commonly used in immunotherapy, VEGF-C treatment significantly expands the survival of mice. In other words, administration of VEGF-C with anti-cancer immunotherapy agents is clearly enough to treat brain tumors. These results are extraordinary, the researchers said. We want to apply this treatment to patients with glioblastoma. The prognosis for current surgery and chemotherapy therapy is still very grim. said the researcher.