Millions of years ago human ancestors started the biodiversity decline, The degradation of man-made biodiversity began much earlier than scientists believed.

In the study, the researchers showed that the ongoing biodiversity crisis was not a new phenomenon, but rather an acceleration of the process that was started by human ancestors millions of years ago, so now researcher said the human ancestors started the biodiversity decline millions of years ago.

Fossil extinctions can often be explained by the effects of climate change. However, changes in Africa in the last million years have been relatively small, and our analysis shows that climate change is not the main cause of the observed loss, researchers say.

Our analysis shows that the best explanation for the loss of carnivores in East Africa is that they are caused by direct competition for food with our extinct ancestors, human ancestors started the biodiversity decline millions of years ago in africa, Researcher said.

When examining African fossils, there was a dramatic decline in the number of large carnivores that began around 4 million years ago. At about the same time, our ancestors might have begun using a new food production technology called kleptoparasitism, Researcher  explained. Kleptoparasitism means stealing animals that have just been killed from other predators. For example, when a lion steals a dead cheetah deer.

Researchers now propose, based on fossil evidence, that human ancestors stole animals that had just been killed from other predators. This will cause each animal to starve and, over time, all of their species disappear. This might be the reason why most of the large carnivores in Africa have developed strategies to protect their prey.

For example, if we put prey on a tree, we see how a leopard does it. In contrast, other carnivores have developed social behavior, as we see in lions that work together to protect their prey, researchers say.

People today affect the world and the species that live in it more than ever before. But that does not mean that we live in harmony with nature. Resource monopoly is a skill that we and our ancestors have had for millions of years, but only now can we understand and change our behavior and fight for a sustainable future.