Researchers developed new photovoltaic cells that work at night, Specially developed photovoltaic cells can produce up to 50 watts per square meter under ideal night conditions, about a quarter of what conventional solar modules can produce during the day.
The researchers hope to improve the performance and efficiency of the device.
According to research, the process is similar to normal solar cells, but in reverse order. An object that is hot compared to its environment emits heat like infrared light. the new photovoltaic cells that work at night.
Conventional solar cells are cooler than the sun and therefore absorb light.
The room is really very cold. So if you have a warm object and direct it to the sky, it radiates heat. Humans have been using this phenomenon for overnight cooling for hundreds of years. the photovoltaic cells that work at night.
According to Munday, there is great interest in devices that can do this during the day (by filtering out the sun or directing the sun) for five years.
There are other types of devices called heat transmitting cells that produce energy by releasing heat to the surroundings.
Researchers are investigating how they can collect waste heat from machines. We thought what would happen if we put one of these devices in a warm place and point it at the sky.
This heat-emitting cell, which faces the night sky, emits infrared light because it is warmer than space.
Ordinary solar cells produce energy by absorbing sunlight, causing the device to produce voltage and current. Instead, these new devices emit light and current and voltage in the opposite direction, but they still produce energy, say researchers
This device also works during the day if you take steps to block direct sunlight or to keep it away from the sun.
Because this new type of solar cell may be able to operate all the time, this is an attractive option for balancing networks throughout the cycle from day to night.