Now the Engineers introduced the first complete stealth encryption technology, BGN Technologies, a technology transfer company at Ben-Gurion University of Negev (BSU) in Israel, introduced the first complete stealth encryption technology.

This will be significantly more secure and private for highly sensitive cloud computing and data center network transfers.

New innovations in optical encryption will be presented at the Global Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv, which will take place on January 28-30, 2020 in Tel Aviv, Israel. now the Engineers introduced the first complete stealth encryption technology.

“At present, information is still encrypted using digital techniques, even though most of the data is transmitted remotely using the spectrum of light in optical networks.

The time of security and data protection from digital encryption technology, which can be read offline when used up with computationally intensive power and is corrupted by code, has expired. Engineers introduced the first complete stealth encryption technology.

“We developed a complete solution that enables encryption, transmission, decryption, and optical recognition instead of digital data,” the researcher said.

Using standard optical devices, the research team made optical light transmissions basically invisible or obscured.

Instead of using a single color spectrum of light to send large data streams, this method distributes transmissions in many colors through the optical spectrum (1000 x wider than digital) and deliberately creates many weaker data streams. who hid in the noise and drove away. Recognition. The first all-optical “stealth” encryption technology.

Every electronic, digital or optical transmission has a certain noise.

Researchers have shown that they can transmit weakly encrypted data with higher intrinsic noise levels that cannot be recognized.

The solution also uses a commercial phase mask that changes the phase at each wavelength (color). This process is also displayed as noise, which affects the consistency or ability to recompile data without the correct encryption key.

Optical phase masks cannot be stored offline, so data is destroyed if a hacker tries to decode it.

In principle, the breakthrough is that if you can’t find it, you can’t steal it.

Because listeners cannot read data or recognize the presence of transmitted signals, our optical stealth transmissions offer the highest level of confidentiality and security for sensitive data applications.

Novel, proprietary methods developed by the team are very useful for many applications, e.g. B. for high-speed communication, sensitive transmission of financial, medical or social media information without the risk of eavesdropping or traffic jams.

With this method, eavesdroppers actually take years to break the encryption key.

BGN is now looking for industry partners to implement and market this pioneering technology. Each data center has 100G and 400G lines. Some of these lines are coded along.

Non-digital encryption is required for customers who need the latest protection.


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