Unique new antiviral treatment developed using sugar, New sugar-based antiviral ingredients have been developed that can destroy contact viruses and help fight viral outbreaks.

This new development by an international team of scientists promises to treat herpes simplex (cold virus), respiratory viruses, hepatitis C, HIV and Zika virus.

The team has shown success in treating many viruses in the laboratory – including respiratory infections for genital herpes. Unique new antiviral treatment developed using sugar.

This study is the result of collaboration between Makar scientists and at a very early development stage, the broad activity of this new approach can also be effective against newly spread viral diseases such as the recent outbreak of coronavirus.

Substances called “virucidal” such as bleaching agents can usually destroy the contact virus, but are highly toxic to humans and therefore cannot be digested or applied to the human body without serious damage.

The development of the sugar virus, virus has enabled the emergence of a new type of antiviral drug that destroys the virus but is still not poisonous to humans.

Antiviral drugs currently inhibit the growth of the virus, but are not always reliable because the virus can mutate and become immune to this treatment. Using modified sugar molecules, the team showed that the outermost skin of the virus can be destroyed, thus destroying infectious particles on contact, rather than limiting their growth.

This new approach has also been proven to protect drug resistance.

The molecules attract viruses before they destroy them on contact, destroy viruses and fight infection.

We have successfully developed a new molecule which is a modified sugar which has various antiviral properties. The antiviral mechanism is virucidal, which means the virus has difficulty developing resistance. According to the researchers, this is a new type of antivirus and one of the first to have broadband effectiveness. Therefore, it can potentially change the way viral infections are treated. Unique new antiviral treatment developed using sugar.

We have developed powerful molecules that can work against many different viruses. Therefore, we believe that this can change in the game and when an infection occurs.

This molecule was patented and a release company was established to continue to practice this new antivirus program. With additional tests, treatments can be applied in creams, ointments and nasal sprays or other similar treatments for viral infections.

This exciting new material can break down many viruses, creating new treatments that are inexpensive for even the most persistent viruses.