Supercomputers help connect quantum attachment to cold coffee, Theoretical physicists have found a deep connection between one of the most striking features of quantum entanglement in quantum mechanics and termization, where something enters into thermal equilibrium with its environment.

We are all familiar with termination of employment. Just think about how your coffee will reach room temperature over time.

On the other hand, quantum attachment is a different story.

Quantum attachment is an anti-intuitive feature of quantum mechanics, with which particles that have interacted with each other at a certain point in time can be connected in a way that is traditionally impossible, explained the researcher, explained.

Measurements on one particle affect the measurement results of other particles, even if they are in light years. Einstein called this effect “the action of a ghost from a distance. Supercomputers help connect quantum attachment to cold coffee.

It turns out that entanglement is not only scary, but is actually everywhere, and what is even more surprising is that we live in an age where technology has begun to use this function to carry out actions that are only considered impossible. several years,

This quantum technology is developing rapidly in the private sector, with companies like Google and IBM taking the lead.

But what does that have to do with cold coffee? If you brew a cup of coffee and stay still for a while, it will cool down until the ambient temperature is reached. That is the termination of employment. In physics, we say that the process cannot be changed because we know that coffee that used to warm does not cool and then magically warms up.

The occurrence of irreversibility and thermal behavior in physical systems fascinated me as a scientist because it was applied at small scales such as atoms, coffee cups, and even the development of the universe itself. Supercomputers help connect quantum attachment to cold coffee.

In physics, statistical mechanics is a theory that aims to understand this process from a microscopic point of view. The use of termization is known to be difficult for quantum systems and is the main focus of this research. ”

“In statistical mechanics there are various types, called ensembles, where one can describe how a system is treated thermally. These are all considered equivalent if you have a large system (roughly on a 10 ^ 23 atom scale).

However, what we show in our work is that not only is the process involved, but the structure is also very different, depending on how you describe your system. In this way we can test the basic questions of statistical mechanics.

The idea is general and can be applied to a number of systems as small as a few atoms and as large as a black hole. Supercomputers help connect quantum attachment to cold coffee.

The numerical simulation for this project that I have done goes beyond what is currently possible at a very efficient level of calculation. To run the code, I used a national facility, ICHEC, and a new Kay machine there, researchers said.

Our work is not only a good overall result, but also helps broaden the boundaries of this type of computing approach and find that our national code and architecture are at the forefront.