The new research says, Consumption of red meat increases heart disease and risk of death, According to a controversial study last fall, it was suggested not to turn to red and processed meat.

A large, carefully analyzed study has linked consumption of red and processed meat to a slightly higher risk of heart disease and death, according to a new study.

Consuming two servings of red meat, processed meat or poultry – but not fish – is associated with a 3 to 7% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the study.

Eating two servings of red meat or processed meat – but not poultry or fish – 3% more likely to cause death. the consumption of red meat increases heart disease and risk of death.

There is a small difference, but it is better to try to reduce red meat and processed meats such as Butterscotch, Bologna and delicious food.

Red meat consumption is also always associated with other health problems such as cancer.

Changing the intake of animal protein foods can be an important strategy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death in the population, the researchers said.

New evidence comes from a controversial meta-analysis published last November that recommends not to reduce the amount of red meat and processed meat they eat.

Everyone has interpreted it as good to eat red meat, but I don’t think this supports science.

“Fish, seafood, and sources of vegetable protein such as beans and legumes, including beans and legumes, are excellent alternatives to meat and are less consumed in the United States. Now the researchers said consumption of red meat increases heart disease and risk of death.

The study found a positive relationship between poultry intake and cardiovascular disease, but evidence to date is not enough to make clear recommendations for poultry intake, Jong said. However, fried chicken is not recommended.

The new study combines a variety of six cohorts, including continuous follow-up data for up to three decades, aligning dietary data to reduce heterogeneity, correcting various confounding factors, and conducting some sensitivity analyzes.

The study involved 29,682 participants (mean age 53.7 years at baseline, 44.4% male and 30.7% non-white). Diet data are reported by participants who have received a long list of what they ate in the past year or month.

3 to 7% higher risk of heart disease and premature death in people who eat red meat and processed meat two servings a week.

4% higher risk of cardiovascular disease in people who eat two servings of poultry a week. However, the knowledge gained so far is not enough to provide clear recommendations for poultry intake. And the relationship can be related to cooking methods and consumption of chicken skin, not chicken itself. consumption of red meat increases heart disease and risk of death

There is no relationship between fish consumption and cardiovascular disease or death.

Limitations of the study were that participants’ food intake was evaluated once and eating habits might have changed over time. Cooking methods are also not taken into account.

Fried chicken, especially a source of fat that contributes to trans fatty acids, and fried fish intake are positively related to chronic diseases, the researchers said.