Olive oil in food can also help relieve age related diseases, Researchers are finding possible new ways in which diets affect age-related diseases. A research team found that olive oil in Mediterranean food could be the key to improving life and reducing age-related diseases.

With the help of various grants from the National Institutes of Health, the results of their research were recently published over the past eight years.

Early diet studies indicate that red wine has contributed significantly to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, because it contains a compound called resveratrol, which activates specific pathways in cells that are known to prolong life and prevent age-related diseases. Olive oil in food can also help relieve age related diseases.

However, research in the Masek laboratory shows that oil in olive oil, another part of the Mediterranean diet, really activates this time.

According to Masek, consuming olive oil alone is not enough to take advantage of all the health benefits. Studies by his team show that when combined with hunger, calorie reduction and exercise, the effect of olive oil consumption is the greatest. We discovered that the workings of this fat must first be stored in microscopic objects called lipid droplets. This is the way our cells store fat. Olive oil in food can also help relieve age related diseases.

And then when fat is broken down during training or fasting, for example when positive signals and effects are realized, researchers say. The next step for his study is to transfer it to humans to find new medicines or to further adapt diets that improve health in the short and long term.

“We want to understand biology and then apply it to humans, hoping to change the health care paradigm of someone who has gone to eight different doctors to treat eight of their different diseases,” the researchers said. These are all diseases related to aging. So let’s cure aging.