Theorists in two different fields have denied common knowledge that planets orbit stars like the Sun. They offer the possibility of thousands of planets orbiting supermassive black hole.

Supermassive black hole, millions to billions of times greater than the mass of our sun, are at the center of the galaxy.

According to the latest theories, planets formed by fine powders in a protoplanetary disk around a young star. But young stars aren’t the only objects that have dust discs. In the new approach, the researchers focused on thick discs around and orbiting supermassive black hole in the galactic core.

Fertilizers can contain hundreds of thousands of sun dust. That’s billions of times the mass of dust from the protoplanetary disk.

In areas with small areas of protoplanetary discs, the flour grains join the ice mantle and develop into fine aggregates.

The dust around the black hole is so dense that it blocks strong radiation from the central area and creates a low-temperature area.

Researchers have applied the theory of planet formation to circular discs and discovered that planets can form for several hundred million years.

At present, there is no technique for finding these planets around black holes. But, the researchers hope that this study will open up a new field of astronomy