AlphaZero learns to deal with the quantum world, The chess world was amazed when, after only four hours, the AlphaZero computer algorithm learned to beat the best chess program based on human experience.

A research team now uses the same algorithm to control a quantum computer. Many research groups around the world are trying to build quantum computers. Such a computer can solve certain problems that cannot be solved with today’s classical computers, even if we put all these computers in the world together.

For this reason, the research team used the AlphaZero computer algorithm to learn how to control the quantum system.

The interesting thing about AlphaZero is that it can learn independently without human experience. AlphaZero defeats humans and special computer programs in games like Go, Shogi and Chess and learns just by playing against himself. After only four hours fighting himself, AlphaZero defeated the leading chess program Stockfish.

AlphaZero was a great inventor, so he compared the program to great alien species who had visited Earth only to defeat us in chess and this AlphaZero learns to deal with the quantum world.

The research team demonstrated its wide application by applying AlphaZero to three different control problems, each of which could potentially be used in quantum computers.

When analyzing AlphaZero data, we found that the algorithm had learned to use basic symmetry of problems that we did not initially overcome. It was an extraordinary experience, the researchers said.

Although AlphaZero itself is an impressive algorithm, the research team achieved the best results when combining AlphaZero with special algorithms for quantum optimization. This shows that we still need human skills and experience and that future goals must be to understand and develop intelligent intelligent interfaces that optimally use the power of both.

To accelerate developments in this field, the research team made the code available and was startled by interest.

Within hours, I contacted major technology companies with quantum laboratories and leading international universities to build collaboration in the future. So soon it turned out that this method was used in practical experiments all over the world, according to researchers.

Quantum computers use quantum mechanics, the branch of physics that describes the smallest building blocks in our universe.

The rules differ radically on this small scale. For example, a system can exist in more than one state at a time.

Translated into computer language, this means that a quantum computer can do several calculations at the same time, which provides extraordinary speeds for ordinary computers. Although quantum computer theory is well established, no one has succeeded in building a full quantum computer. Among other things, this requires increasing our ability to control this system.xzz