Beetles in neutron stars reveal their hidden secrets

Neutron stars are not only the most populous objects in the universe, they also spin very fast and orderly until they do.

Sometimes these neutron stars start spinning faster because the interior parts of the star move outward. This is called a problem and gives astronomers a brief idea of what is hidden in these mysterious objects.

The Monash University Team, ARC Center for Excellence in Gravity Waves OzGrav McGill University in Canada and the University of Tasmania are exploring Vela Pulsar, a 1,000-year-old neutron star in the southern sky.

Researchers not only say that only 5% of pulsars collide, but also that Vella collides every three years, making it a favorite of bug hunters like Dr. Ashton and his colleague Dr. Paul Laski did it. also from Monash and Ozgrave.

Re-analyzing data from observations of the Vela bug in 2016, the team found that stars change faster during the bud before returning to their final state.

One of these components is excessive neutron soup that moves outward in the crust’s inner layers and attacks the dense outer layers of stars, causing them to spin upward.

Then, the second superfluid soup that moves in the nucleus is captured by the first, slowing the star’s rotation.

This surplus has been predicted several times in the literature, but this is the first real-time identified in the observation.

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