Dark matter may be older than the Big Bang

Researchers estimate that dark matter accounts for about 80% of the mass of the universe, but their origin and composition are still one of the most difficult puzzles of modern physics. Investigations show that dark matter might have existed before the Big Bang.

This study reveals a new relationship between particle physics and astronomy researchers. Doctor in Physics and Astronomy at JHU and research author.

When dark matter consists of new particles born before the Big Bang, they uniquely affect the distribution of galaxies in the sky. Through this link, their identities can be revealed and conclusions about the time before the Big Bang can be drawn.

Although little is known about its origin, astronomers have shown that dark matter plays an important role in the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters. Although not directly observed, scientists know that dark matter exists through the effects of gravity on the movement and distribution of matter seen in space.

For a long time, researchers believed that dark matter must be a by-product of the Big Bang. Scientists have long searched for this type of dark matter, but so far all experimental searches have yielded no results.

In fact, if dark matter really is left over from the Big Bang, the researchers will see the direct signal of dark matter in various particle physics experiments, the researchers said.

Using a new simple mathematical framework, research shows that dark matter might have been produced before the Big Bang in an era known as cosmic inflation, when space developed very fast. It is believed that rapid expansion leads to the abundant production of certain types of particles called scalars. So far only scalar particles from the famous Higgs boson have been found.

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