Quantum teleportation transfers data from one quantum system such as ions to another, a second ion, even if both are completely isolated from each other as two books in the basement of a particular building.

In the form of teleportation in real life, only quantum information, no matter, which is transported, unlike the Star Trek version, targets humans, for example, space ships sent to the planet.

Teleportation of quantum data was previously shown with ions and various other quantum systems. The new job was the first to teleport complete quantum logic operations to ions, the main candidates for future quantum computer architecture. The experiments are explained in the May 31 issue of Science.

We have confirmed that our logic operations work on all input statuses of two quantum bits with probabilities of 85 to 87 percent far from perfect, but that is the beginning of NIST physicist Dietrich Laybfrid.

A full-scale quantum computer, if it can be built, can solve a number of problems that currently cannot be solved. NIST has contributed to research efforts around the world to control quantum behavior for practical technologies, including quantum computers.

In order for a quantum computer to function, we hope, maybe it will take millions of quantum bits, or qubits and ways to distribute operations between qubits on machines and large networks. Logical teleportation is a possibility that cannot be realized without direct quantum mechanical connections physical connections for the exchange of classical information are still needed. The NIST team teleported logical Noto logic operations or operated logic gates, between two beryllium ion qubits, laying more than 340 microns a millionth of a meter apart in separate zones of ion traps, distances that prevented significant direct interactions.

The CNOT operation only looks for the second cube from 0 to 1, or vice versa, if the first cube is 1. nothing happens when the first cube is 0. In a typical quantum way, both qubits can be in “superposition” where they have a value of 0 and 1 at the same time.


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