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  • Genetic

Anything Related to Science ..!

Articles must contain at least 600 words.

Articles must be unique and not copy one sentence from another website / blog. However, you can take references and write in your own words, which are different from reference sites.

You can use links from articles with high privileges in your articles, but they must be relevant to the content.

We have the right to edit the content of your article in accordance with the standards and quality that we have set for Science.

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You can choose any topic that interests you. However, before writing or submitting an article, you must check in the ScienceCover whether the topic on which you wrote the article has been published. Topics that have already been published will not be republished.

You must add at least 1 image to your article topic to the form that will display as the article image. Make sure the selected image that you add is credited to the Creative Common License.

Note: You did not get any rewards or payments for publishing your posts in ScienceCover.com

And You did not use Pdf files, Videos, Gifs you can use youtube url and google drive links but its must related to the topic that your publishing.

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